Distinguished Service

Through the Decades Uniform Poster

The Colorado State Patrol recognizes its members as our greatest asset.  We are committed to investing in our personnel by providing education personal enrichment and professional development that enables them to utilize their individual strengths to achieve our collective mission of offering the highest quality of service to the public.  Featured within this section of our website are members both past and present who deserve to be recognized for their contributions.






Bestowed upon a member for an act of heroism calling for an outstanding degree of dedication and devotion above and beyond professional duty and may include the protection of life, or intervention under instances of personal risk.



1986 Communication Officer Mark Wheeler

1988 Trooper Michael Tomasini

1991 Trooper James Amaya

1991 Trooper John Roth

1992 Trooper Mark Amos

1992 Sergeant Bruce Davisson

1993 Technician Richard Rehnke

1995 Trooper Robert Nuse

1995 Technician Gary Pike

1996 Trooper Jason Dingae

1997 Captain Bruce Davisson

1997 Trooper Jerry Lambert

1998 Sergeant Clark Bates

1999 Trooper John Aho

1999 Trooper Scott Casey

1999 Trooper Mark Mason

2000 Trooper Malvin Thomas

2001 Trooper Jack Desanti

2007 Trooper Dennis Wilder

2008 Trooper James Proctor


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