Obtain Special Event Permit

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Special Events


How do I obtain a Special Event Permit?


You can obtain a Special Event Permit from the Colorado State Patrol by completing an applicaiton for a permit. Click here for more information.


What additional items do I need to complete the event process?


A W-9 (Federal Tax Identification Form) will be required along with a certificate of insurance in the amounts required by state statute and the estimated costs of the event.


What is a special event?


Any athletic event or activity that may have a significant impact on the normal flow of traffic.


Do I need a permit to film a commercial or movie scene on a state highway?


Yes. If it would require either a full closure or partial closure of the road, or impact the normal flow of traffic.


What is the W-9 used for?


If we estimate the costs high and need to refund the event sponsor, we use this number to process the refund.


What are the fees I pay for?


Personal Services - Troopers $59.00 per hour, Civilian $41.70 per hour, Administrative Costs 3.5% of total personal services costs, and $25.00 permit fee, mileage for patrol cars .74 per mile per patrol vehicle, .70 per mile per patrol motorcycle. (Amounts are subject to change.)

I am filming a commercial or movie scene off of the highway, but will have several vehicles parked in the area along the road, do I need a special event permit?


Possibly, it depends on the area and if the vehicles are all parked off of the paved portion of the highway, and how it impacts the normal flow of traffic.


How far in advance do I need to begin the special event process with the State Patrol?


Your Special Event Application needs to be sent in the the Troop Commander of the event starting location at least 90 days prior to the start of your event. 


How do I start the special event permit process?



Complete the special event application and forward it to the State Patrol Officewhere the event begins.


Do I pay for mileage for the patrol cars/motorcycles used during an event?


Yes, we estimate the number of miles used and include that amount in the cost estimate. (.74 mile per patrol vehicle and .70 mile per patrol motorcycle.) (Amounts are subject to change.)

Do I pay up front for services?


Yes, prior to the start of the event. (Normally a minimum of 5 days before.)


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