Doing Business with CSP


How We Buy

CSP's first step is the State of Colorado Purchasing Department's price agreements. State Price Agreements provide pricing for the following commodities and services, including: Advertising, Alcohol & Drug Testing, Body Armor, Computers and Peripherals, Delivery Services, Fire Extinguishers, Furniture, Industrial Supplies, Office Supplies, Paper, Sotrage, Telecommunications, Temporary Personnel, Vehicles.

People Connected

Colorado State Patrol Patch, 1999-Present 

What We Buy

CSP issues Invitations for Bids, Documented Quotes, and Request for Proposals through BIDS for the following types of commodities ans services where we expect the cost to exceed $10,000.00 for Goods and $25,000.00 for Services:  Aircraft Supplies, Law Enforcement Specific Equipment, Training Services, Electronic Equipment, Consulting Services.



All Competetive purchases conducted by the CSP and other State Agencies are posted on the Bid Information and Distribution System (BIDS) at